Foretold QuickShare Edition

by Robert D. Jacobus

Digital e-Book for download

  • 50 page interactive e-book
  • Interactive – QuickShare menu to jump to your favorite prediction instantly
  • Date the predictions – papyrus, scrolls, and codex
  • Six National Predictions tested (Three Dig Deep, Three QuickShare)
  • Edom, Egypt, & Tyre – “Dig Deep” with extensive imagery, maps, history, & modern data collected from CIA, explorers, and field photographers
  • Ammon, Nineveh, Philistines – Three QuickShare extra predictions in overview to drive the argument home
  • Millions of lives, over thousands of years, separated by hundreds of miles
  • Read the predictions, view the evidence, seeing is believing.

Foretold – QuickShare Edition collects visual evidence from the Middle East, testing the predictions of the Bible against the march of history. Images shot on location in the once great empires are compared against the predictions of the Bible recorded over 2,000 years ago.

This is more than a digital book, but an interactive tool allowing you to take the evidence everywhere and speed through the predictions in seconds. Linger to “dig deep” into the history and modern evidence about Edom, Egypt, and Tyre. Begin your journey of discovery with full explanations of these three national predictions that persuade the mind beyond a reasonable doubt.

Past Praise for Destiny

Mission Media’s  Destiny outreach, part of the Reasons to Believe Campaign of the Christian Churches Association, is the basis for


Bob, You already know how much I appreciate your leadership. We pastors in the field need someone holding us accountable to outreach. Lifting up the accuracy of God’s word is so essential. Reasons to Believe helps to find creative ways to validate the truth.  Keep up the good work.

Pastor Doug Heckman, Trinity Wesleyan Church


Thank you for providing a flexible, quality resource for our outreach. This is an example of how evangelism by the larger group can be more effective than done alone, yet this also allows the individual touch of the local church.

Pastor L.T. Humberd, Lehigh Valley Grace Bible Church

If seeing the destiny of millions of lives fulfilled over thousands of years isn’t enough, we add what was foretold of three more races and nations to the QuickShare experience – all to end the debate and give birth to faith.

The image evidence is sourced from over a dozen independent photographers and explorers traveling on location in the Middle East through modern countries such at Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. Decades of thought and hundreds of hours of design work under gird the Foretold platform. More than just evidence, QuickShare is a simple, easy to understand, user interface that lays out the facts making them a breeze to quickly share.

Purchase through and receive all digital revisions and updates to this e-book edition for the next two years.

Further Praise for Destiny

The presentation is very informative, attenders gave good feed back…

Pastor C. Larry Bennett, Zionsville Bible Fellowship Church


Mission Media produces HIGH quality promotional materials for the cause of Christ.

Rev. Reuben Parlier, Bethel Chapel

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Product Updates

Added Arminius Quote to introduction
Fix Q logo at beginning of each prediction in ePub e-book
Edom widget text in picture missing w/last update fixed – pg 11
Pg 02 – Added Instructions – Stop for Best Experience
     – Added QuickShare Logo across all book platforms
Pg 25 Replaced Philistines Picture
PG 43 Stretched Highlight under footnotes
Pg 44 Updated Photo Credits
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